Dear teachers, students and schools,
THE WALL MUSEUM at the East Side Gallery is the perfect historical destination for any study trip to Berlin. Located directly on the longest remaining section of the Berlin Wall, students experience German and European history interactively and audiovisually.

Original photographs, fascinating facts and unknown stories bring the history of the Berlin Wall to life. THE WALL MUSEUM is the only museum in the world that stringently tells the entire story of the Wall as well as the reasons for the fall of the Wall and has verified this personally through the contribution of the decision-makers of the time.

We are happy to provide a contemporary witness on request. For special topics and requests, we also offer guided tours on request. Since THE WALL MUSEUM is committed to an educational mission and contributes to the enlightenment and examination of history with its exhibition, we also offer special admission prices for school classes. Please enquire about these by telephone or e-mail.


  • Führung „Cold War and nuclear threat“
  • Führung „Escapes and contemporary witnesses“
  • Führung „Art and artists at the Berlin Wall“
  • Führung „The Germans’ most beautiful day – 9 November 1989“
  • Führung „Drowned Children, Shot Son – The Wall’s Fatalities“
  • Führung „The road to the fall of the Wall and reunification“
  • Führung „History of the Wall“
  • Führung „Life behind the wall“
  • Führung „Oberbaumbrücke border post and guided tour of the death stripe at the East Side Gallery“
  • Guided tour “The Heroes of the German Civil Revolution – from Pastor Führer to Mikhail Gorbachev“
  • Guided tour “The makers of unity – Helmut Kohl and Hans-Dietrich Genscher“
  • Guided tour ” Anxiety in Europe. Hope for a European Germany“
  • Guided tour “Nobody has the intention to build a wall – The construction of the wall“
  • Guided tour “The role of the Allies in German reunification – from Ronald Reagan and Margareth Thatcher to Francoise Mitterand and Mikhail Gorbachev“
  • Guided tour “The Turning Point: Prague Embassy and the Trains to Freedom“
  • Guided tour “Showdown of the peaceful revolution – blood cans and Kalashnikovs on 9 October at the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig“
  • Guided tour “The Monday Prayers – The Influence of the Church on a Peaceful Revolution“
  • Guided tour “School and Indoctrination in the GDR“
  • Guided tour “Deadly Border Guard – The Mill Storehouse“
  • Guided tour “The history of the Wall at the East Side Gallery – a surprise“