We are happy to offer themed guided tours.
We are happy to advise you personally.
Our tours include:

  • Guided Tour “Cold War and Nuclear Threat”
  • Guided Tour “Escapees and Contemporary Witnesses”
  • Guided Tour “Art and Artists at the Berlin Wall”
  • Guided Tour “The most beautiful day of the Germans – the 9th of November 1989”
  • Guided Tour “Drowned children, shot son – The victims of the wall”
  • Guided Tour “The Road to the Fall of the Wall and the Reunification”
  • Guided Tour “History of the Wall”
  • Guided Tour “Grenzpost Oberbaumbrücke and Guided Tour in the Death Strip at the East Side Gallery”
  • Guided Tour “The Heroes of the German Civil Revolution – from Pastor Führer to Mikhail Gorbachev”
  • Guided tour “The Makers of Unity – Helmut Kohl and Hans Dietrich Genscher”
  • Guided Tour “Fear in Europe. Hope for a European Germany “
  • Guided Tour “No one intends to build a wall – The Wall Construction”
  • Guided Tour “The role of the Allies in the reunification of the Germans – from Ronald Reagan and Margareth Thatcher to Francoise Mitterand and Michal Gorbachev”
  • Guided Tour “The turning point: Prague Embassy and the trains to freedom”
  • Guided Tour “Showdown of the Peaceful Revolution – Blood Preservation and Kalashnikovs on October 9th at the Monday
  • Demonstrations in Leipzig”
  • Guided Tour “The Monday Prayers – The Church’s Impact on a Peaceful Revolution”
  • Guided Tour “School and indoctrination in the GDR”
  • Guided Tour “Deadly Border Guard – The Mill Store”
  • Guided Tour “The History of the Wall at the East Side Gallery – a Surprise”
  • Guided Tour “The role of Willy Brandt on the process of détente”
  • Guided Tour “The Civil Revolution”