Every educator knows the challenge: how do I convey historical events to my students in a way that doesn’t put them to sleep? In the age of Wikipedia and YouTube, many young people consider history lessons superfluous or extremely boring.

If you want to teach your students about the reality of life in divided Berlin or the causes of the fall of the Wall, you can’t choose a better place than The Wall Museum. Here, history lessons become entertainment.

The multimedia The Wall Museum is the perfect solution. The exhibition spans an audiovisual arc from the division of Germany and the construction of the Berlin Wall, through the Cold War and the fate of the Wall’s victims, to the momentous events that brought about the fall of the Wall. Instead of rows of display cases with dusty objects and wall charts with long texts, school groups will find a lively and informative presentation of German-German history 1945 – 1989. Over a hundred monitors and projectors convey the events in a unique way with images and sound in German as well as English.
Due to its location in the former border strip and as part of the border fortifications, the museum building itself is part of the exhibition. As the southern terminus of the East side Gallery, just getting to the museum is part of Berlin’s history and art scene.

On request, in addition to the museum visit, we are happy to organize a meeting with a contemporary witness. There is the possibility to illuminate or deepen certain aspects. Whether it be childhood memories from the former GDR, descriptions of former escape helpers, young pioneers or emotions surrounding the fall of the Wall, the goal of the contemporary witnesses is to convey personal experiences. The approximately 60-minute open discussion takes place before or after the exhibition visit in a separate room and gives the students the opportunity to contribute their own questions, thoughts and views.

We will be happy to make you an individual group offer. Simply contact us using the form below or call us at +49(0)30-94512900.

Michail Gorbatchev with children
Wall Museum visitor

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